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Hallo, wie in der Überschrift erwähnt suche ich Englische Twilight Zitate. Von Twilight.New Moon.Eclipse bis zu Breaking Dawn. ~
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Englische Twilight Zitate.

Hallo, wie in der Überschrift erwähnt suche ich Englische Twilight Zitate. Von Twilight.New Moon.Eclipse bis zu Breaking Dawn. Das mit dem Löwen und Lamm hab ich schon
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Breaking Dawn: Edward: I´m just checking for cold feet. Bella: Mine are toasty warm.
Edward: I can´t live without you.
Jacob: If you die, what´s the point of you loving him and me loving you?
Edward: What´s a wedding without some drama?
Bella: You have to accept this for what it is.
Bella: Hopefully a year from now I´m gonna look in the mirror and see someone like you. Someone capable of courage, sacrifice and love.
Jacob: The best man didn´t have time to get a tux.
Bella: Why can´t you see how perfectly happy I am?
Edward: I´ve waited a century to marry you, Miss Swan.
Edward: No measure of time with you, would be long enough. But we´ll start with forever.
Edward: Last night was the best night of my existence.
Victoria: "I'm the one with the wicked curve ball" Jasper: "Oh I think we can handle that"
Edward: "Hold on tight, spidermonkey"
Bella: " I've never given much thought how i would die, but dying a place of someone you love, seems like a good way to go"
Edward: "Hello! I'm sorry i didn't get the chance to introduce myself last week. I'm Edward Cullen. You're Bella.
Alice: "Hi Bella! I'm Alice. Oh, you do smell good! Edward: "Alice.What!" Alice: "It's okay, Bella and I are gonna be great friends"
Carlise: "Sorry, Jasper is our newest vegetarian. It's a little difficult for him." Jasper: "It's a pleasure to meet you" Alice: "It's okay Jasper, you won't hurt her"
Bella: "Well everybody's staring" Edward" Oh, not that guy.he just looked. Breaking all the rules now anyway, since i'm going to hell."
Rosalie: "Is she even Italian?" Emmett: "Her name is Bella."
Rosalie: "Here comes the human."
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I've never thought about how I would die - even if I had many good reasons for it in the last few months. But to die instead of someone you love. I think this is a good way to go.

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- natürlich dir überlassen - also auch einwandfrei für Englisch nutzbar. ichfinde am besten lernt sich das mit kleinen -- Prinzip zuerst mit Spanisch gemacht, dann aber auch mit englischen Worten erfolgreich angefangen. Eine Einleitung von solch -

Edward und Bellas kind wird ein Mädchen wie heist es wenn es ein Junge wäre

Ich habe alle Bände von der Twilight-Saga gelesen, aber ich habe das vergessen. Edward und Bellas -

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